It ALL Starts With Education!

I believe in equal, quality public education for all. If we are all created equal, why aren’t our schools?

Infrastructure and Healthcare

I believe infrastructure and access to healthcare lift people and attract real jobs.

I believe in providing the best care we can for people with mental illness and addictions.

Complete Transparency in Government

I believe in complete transparency in state government.

I believe that everyone should have their voice heard, and have a seat at the table.

I believe that the people and local businesses are far more important to the function of Mississippi government than political parties, foreign corporations, lobbyists and political action committees.


I believe in common sense problem-solving, instead of spin & political posturing.


I understand what it means to be in a family where you work and work and work … and still fall behind. Political posturing and vitriol has left people in the middle out – Those who just want government to do its basic job and stay out of personal lives and pockets.

Mississippi problems aren’t miraculously fixed by ignoring them. The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is one. I’m so tired of hearing career politicians claim everything is great in Mississippi: for jobs, economy, food on the table, college graduates and roads and bridges. They just aren’t.

We MUST identify problems and find solutions.

Outside a few bubbles, real Mississippians are seeing plants closing, retail and grocery stores boarded up, and small towns dying. The leadership and legislature continually underfund our public schools and pass unfunded mandates and attacks against teachers!

Instead of giving up on our public schools, we should be improving them, giving our teachers the same freedoms to teach that were so freely given to the Charter School teachers.

This has been and will continue to be a people-powered, grassroots campaign of inclusion. It’s about passion and sense of urgency, and It ALL starts with education – INCLUDING mine.

It’s time to put people above party – people before campaign donors.

Mississippi has 82 counties, 410 supervisor districts, and 1,995 voting precincts. We’re going to visit every single one of them – From Corinth to Pass Christian, from Scooba to Natchez. We’ll do this to listen and share our message about a better future for ALL Mississippians.

WE NEED YOU to register to vote, actually vote, and vote for a genuine person—not a party—to lead Mississippi with honesty.

I want a Mississippi where every single child, regardless of circumstances beyond their control, truly knows that they CAN be a part of the American Dream, and grow up to be a school teacher, electrician, doctor, lawyer, astronaut, or farmer.